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PIEDMONT AIRLINES || Boeing 737-200 Fleet Information

Operated 1968-1989

Registration # MFR Serial # Delivered In Service Christening
N734N  (to US as N200AU) 19418 May 30, 1968 Jun 24, 1968 Piedmont Pacemaker
N735N  (to US as N202AU) 19419 Jul 3, 1968 Jul 10, 1968 Appalachian Pacemaker
N736N  (to US as N203AU) 19420 Jul 15, 1968 Jul 21, 1968 Sunshine State Pacemaker
N737N  (to US as N205AU) 19421 Aug 8, 1968 Aug 17, 1968 Chesapeake Pacemaker
N738N  (to US as N206AU) 19422 Aug 29, 1968 Sep 1, 1968 Hampton Roads Pacemaker
N740N  (to US as N207AU) 19423 Sep 16, 1968 Sep 19, 1968 Empire State Pacemaker
N741N  (to US as N211US) 20211 N/A N/A Research Triangle Pacemaker
N743N  (to US as N212US) 20212 Apr 24, 1969 Apr 26, 1969 Garden State Pacemaker
N744N  (to US as N213US) 20213 Apr 29, 1969 May 2, 1969 Tarheel Pacemaker
N745N  (to US as N214AU) 20214 May 29, 1969 Jun 2, 1969 Blue Ridge Pacemaker
N746N  (to US as N217US) 20215 Sep 19, 1969 Sep 21, 1969 Great Lakes Pacemaker
N747N  (to US as N218US) 20216 Oct 15, 1969 Oct 16, 1969 Outer Banks Pacemaker
N749N  (to US as N208AU) 19547 Sep 14, 1972 Oct 26, 1972 Manhattan Pacemaker
N751N  (to US as N209US) 19548 Oct 30, 1972 Dec 14, 1972 Commonwealth Pacemaker
N753N  (to US as N220US) 20453 May 14, 1974 Jun 15, 1974 Yadkin Valley Pacemaker
N754N  (to US as N221US) 20454 May 15, 1974 Jul 22, 1974 James River Pacemaker
N758N  (to US as N204AU) 19603 Nov 6, 1974 Jan 10, 1975 Buckeye Pacemaker
N759N  (to US as N216US) 19954 Mar 9, 1976 May 1, 1976 Bicentennial Pacemaker
N761N  (to US as N223US) 21665 Oct 11, 1978 Oct 15, 1978 New England Pacemaker
N762N  (to US as N224US) 21666 Dec 21, 1978 Dec 23, 1978 Old Dominion Pacemaker
N763N  (to US as N225US) 21667 Jan 10, 1979 Jan 15, 1979 Palmetto Pacemaker
N767N  (to US as N215US) 20095 Dec 18, 1978 Feb 4, 1979 Rocky Mountain Pacemaker
N768N  (to US as N226US) 21815 N/A N/A Gulf Coast Pacemaker
N769N  (to US as N227AU) 21816 N/A N/A Volunteer Pacemaker
N772N  (to US as N228US) 21817 N/A N/A Peninsula Pacemaker
N773N  (to US as N229US) 21818 N/A N/A Tidewater Pacemaker
N774N  (to US as N230AU) 21975 N/A N/A Great Smokies Pacemaker
N775N  (to US as N231US) 21976 N/A N/A Potomac Pacemaker
N776N  (to US as N219US) 20414 N/A N/A New River Pacemaker
N778N  (to US as N232US) 22018 N/A N/A Sand Hills Pacemaker
N779N  (to US as N233US) 22273 N/A N/A Rappahannock Pacemaker
N780N  (to US as N234US) 22274 N/A N/A Pisgah Pacemaker
N781N  (to US as N235US) 22275 N/A N/A Longhorn Pacemaker
N782N  (to US as N236US) 22352 N/A N/A Lone Star Pacemaker
N783N  (to US as N237US) 22353 N/A N/A Seminole Pacemaker
N784N  (to US as N239US) 22354 N/A N/A San Jacinto Pacemaker
N785N  (to US as N240AU) 22355 N/A N/A Grand Strand Pacemaker
N786N  (to US as N241US) 22443 N/A N/A Roanoke Valley Pacemaker
N787N  (to US as N242US) 22444 N/A N/A Careline Pacemaker
N788N  (to US as N243US) 22445 N/A N/A Mountain State Pacemaker
N789N  (to US as N238US) 22398 N/A N/A Quaker State Pacemaker
N791N  (to US as N244US) 22752 N/A N/A Albemarle Pacemaker
N792N  (to US as N246US) 22735 N/A N/A Queen City Pacemaker
N793N  (to US as N247US) 22754 N/A N/A Suwannee Pacemaker
N794N  (to US as N248US) 22755 N/A N/A Wright Brothers Pacemaker
N795N  (to US as N249US) 22756 N/A N/A Shenandoah Valley Pacemaker
N796N  (to US as N251AU) 22757 N/A N/A Pamlico Pacemaker
N797N  (to US as N252AU) 22758 N/A N/A Ohio Valley Pacemaker
N798N  (to US as N245US) 22751 N/A N/A Peach Tree Pacemaker
N799N  (to US as N253AU) 22795 N/A N/A Mississippi Valley Pacemaker
N802N  (to US as N254AU) 22796 N/A N/A Triad Pacemaker
N803N  (to US as N255AU) 22797 N/A N/A Stone Mountain Pacemaker
N804N  (to US as N256AU) 22798 N/A N/A Santee Pacemaker
N805N  (to US as N257AU) 22799 N/A N/A
N806N  (to US as N259AU) 22806 N/A N/A Cumberland Pacemaker
N807N  (to US as N260AU) 22866 N/A N/A Cherry Blossom Pacemaker
N809N  (to US as N261AU) 22867 N/A N/A Hudson River Pacemaker
N810N  (to US as N262AU) 22868 N/A N/A Lindbergh Pacemaker
N811N  (to US as N263AU) 22869 N/A N/A Cape Fear Pacemaker
N813N  (to US as N264AU) 22961 N/A N/A Long Island Pacemaker
N814N  (to US as N265AU) 22962 N/A N/A Hoosier Pacemaker
N9049U  (to US as N210US) 19555 Feb 23, 1972 Apr 25, 1972 Blue Grass Pacemaker is owned and operated by:
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