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New Confidence in an Old Friend
Posted by: Steve Lyons (
Date: January 29, 2006 03:50AM

New Confidence in an Old Friend

If you were to read back over commentaries I have written in the past, you would no doubt
be surprised at what I am about to write. But, none the less, I have New Confidence in an Old Friend
named USAirways. The reason for this is what I have read online and emails I have
received from people who are or have been in the ranks of management of the
predecessor airlines.
This New Confidence comes from the following events.....

1) USAirways is bought out by America West, one of today's successful airlines.

2) A new low cost and full service strategy has been put in place.

3) Four predecessor airlines are being fully recognized as the Heritage that makes up today's company.

4) The New USAirways appears warm to the diversity of it's ranks, namely, the many airlines they came from
and the ways of business and operations of the previous four.

5) A New Paint scheme that is mostly white, cutting down on heat inside the aircraft and reflective of many past
paint schemes of previous airlines. It incorporates Red White and Blue and at the same time hints towards
previous carriers.

6) There is no totally new corporate identity for customers/travelers to get used to, but it is all wrapped into
one well known yet new package. The new corporate identity takes the overall best attributes and combines them.

7) There is a "Heritage Logo" on the front of the aircraft reflecting and acknowledging the four major players.

8) The new corporate philosophies appear to be engineered to bring the employees together, not tear them apart.

An airline that can buy another out, yet realize there is alot to be gained from keeping and maintaining is an airline worth taking a second look at. In this case, a relatively new identity such as America West, willing to change it's name even though IT bought out the other airline, shows class and intelligence and also humility. I can see aspects of other previous airlines coming out in the open that were once hid.
It is my hope that the New USAirways makes it and does so with a staff that puts it's employees in a position to be considered as important to the company as it's other many attributes.

Steve Lyons

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