DC3 Visit to TRI Nov 3rd
Posted by: stevelyons (---.dhcp.kgpt.tn.charter.com)
Date: November 17, 2007 01:28AM

Thanks to all who made the DC3 visit to TRI a success!

And special thanks to Cherryl Hartman and Glen Shanks for inviting me!

I had a wonderful time. It was like old times again.
My Mom and my son Eric were there with me. Eric took some pictures.
Anyone who wants copys of those just email me.
Dad was unable to make it and Lisa had some other things to take care of
as we have been on tour with the DB Band for over six weeks.
Piedmont was almost as important to my Mom and Dad as it was to me.
They helped me get moved in and settled in CLT and on occasions
occumpanied me on some trips over the years.
Dad even vacumed out a 727-200 one time at TRI.
I hope we can get together again from time to time and talk again.
That was a really short visit. I will try to get around to the TRI
meeting once first wednesday of the month in JC when they have it
when I can.
Life is so busy these days. I wonder where the time goes.
We just have to set aside the day and make the time.
I was really supposed to be somewhere else, but
Piedmont is so important to me, I found a way to get there!

Thanks again and thanks for keeping the Piedmont Spirit alive
in 2007! It's still alive in each of us.

God Bless,


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