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Piedmont DC-3 56V
Posted by: Don Shanks (
Date: November 04, 2005 01:29AM


Former Piedmont mechanic Dave Danahey asked me to forward this to my email list.

Anyone interested in assisting with this project needs to contact Dave or Walt Turner (emails and telephone numbers below).

Please note that there are two pictures attached of 56V and the Spencer shops. Be sure and check those out.

Don Shanks


This from Dave:

A few days ago about six of us including Ken Conner went to visit Walt Turner, the historian of the North Carolina Transportation Museum, at the “Spencer shops”, near Salisbury, NC. Walt is the person in charge of the Piedmont 56V DC-3 restoration project.

Piedmont retirees, Ronnie Macklin, Captain Harold Miller, Chic Ayers and others are deeply involved in the restoration and have done most of the work up to this point. They, too, were instrumental in moving the plane (18-wheeler flatbed) to the Spencer location. Also, Guildford Tech College is now assisting with the restoration as well as former station agent (and mechanic) Charlie Hall (PKB & GSO) is working on the controls.

The Spencer shops folks (a former railroad/train maintenance shop) have been working on the building that is now home to 56V and at this time is empty except for the plane. The building is about 600 feet long and about 200 feet wide. It was used for the repair of the trains. Pillars are holding the roof up and these split the area into three sections. If you get to see how the plane could set up either from the ground or the roof, you will see that there has to be some thought as to how to do this. A few of us have the idea that it would be easier to be on the ground. If anyone has been down to Spencer to see the plane, what do you think?

We have the main body of plane, one center wing with engine pods, two wings, and the two main landing tires with axles, no tail, no landing gear, cockpit full of bird-stuff, no instruments, no seats.

It really is a super nice project! If you are interested in providing any help, no matter what, parts, labor, etc., please let some of the troops here at the North Carolina Transportation Museum know. The best contact is Walt Turner and his telephone numbers are down below or email me, Dave Danahey, at and we will set up a schedule to meet in Spencer and get this show on the road.

I will be going to Dallas in a few weeks to see how the American DC3 is being shown.

It would also be nice to have someone link me up with some red-tagged instruments and avionics.

Dave Danahey

Address, email and telephone numbers for Walt:
Walter R. Turner, Historian
North Carolina Transportation Museum
P. O. Box 165
Spencer, NC 28159


(704) 636-2889
(704) 639-1881 FAX

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