Re: PI 737-100s?
Posted by: Bob Sandberg (
Date: February 08, 2004 02:34AM

Ronny is right, Piedmont never had a B737-100. Lufthansa had the first 737-100s. Essex Wire, Corp. had the first corporate B737-100. NASA had a -100 which is in the museum at Washington Dulles Airport.
I have a 8X10 picture of a Piedmont B-737-200 (N734N) with the old Darter thrust reversers (short pylon). The first 737s had air bags to seal the main landing gear wheel wells, but were removed, as they would rub the air bags on gear retraction.
If anybody is interested in a picture of N734N, I will scan it and send it to you.

Re: PI 737-100s?
Posted by: DHG750R (12.38.136.---)
Date: January 15, 2008 04:08AM

N9049U was a 737-200 (Ex. UAL) This aircraft became N210US and was written off after a ground accident at ISO in 1990. +

Darrell Gordon

Marc Chenevert Wrote:
> Pam and Scott:
> Indeed Piedmont did have a 737-100--its tail
> number was N9049U. I know this because I am an
> artist who specializes in drawing older Piedmont
> 737's, FH227's, and YS11A's. It is most
> interesting that this tail number has once again
> resurfaced--I have a drawing of it! I drew it
> from a picture
> that I found in one of the old Pace magazines.
> I hope that this bit of information is useful to
> you.
> P.S. I also used to spend alot of time at the IAD
> terminal building looking at the Piedmont, Ozark,
> and Southern jets. Also spent alot of time at DCA
> (it was there where I became inspired to begin
> drawing commercial airliners).
> Long live Piedmont--they were the best!
> Marc Chenevert
> Orlando, FL

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