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Ronnie Macklin & Verne Crisp PamAm Stories
Posted by: Don Shanks (Moderator)
Date: July 28, 2008 12:31AM

Pan Am was an excellent friend of Piedmont. We trained them on the B-737. (Pilots and Maintenance)
They ask us to do the heavy maintenance on some of their partially owned airlines and guaranteed payment.

Once they ate at Bell Brothers (a restaurant next to INT) they had to bring everyone in New York to eat there. It was a great time in our life. If you have not eaten at Bell Brothers you do not know what you have missed.

And Verne Crisp replies with a great story..............

That brings back old memories Bell Brothers included!

Frank Stoppa was Pan Am Station Manager at Dulles when I was there. They highly advertised the B 747 when they got it. They scheduled short familiarizatio flights that left Dulles...served champaigne ..circled the area and landed back at IAD. They signed up the many Washington dignitaries.. congressmen..senators.. anybody they could get that had a little influence on the hill to ride.

Seems there were more no shos here than on regular flights and Frank was concerned over the press coverage showing, so few people showing up to ride free. He placed calls to all IAD managers and asked that we come and ride the afternoon flights and let as many of our employees ride as we could spare. Danny Geyer... manager for Southern Airways and I had already taken an AM flight with him and had our glass of champaigne and fruit but we agreed to ride again that afternoon.

We took the 2pm flight and when we got back Frank who was riding them all and being the host asked us to do the next one also. This led to the next one and the next one. Danny was from Tennessee and knew about as much about champaigne as I did! We made it thru the afternoon and Frank steered us down to the Pan Am Clipper Club .. the hospitality suite and we took a little nap in those soft chairs located in the back corner before driving home.

One thing for sure came out of that experience ... bubbly wine gives world class headaches!

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