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Posted by: Chris Elberfeld (
Date: December 01, 2009 02:18AM

OK, Piedmonters: Let's get some action happening here. It is very, very, sad that the most active page here is the obit page!

Let's share some stories! How about taking an idea from PI and PS Facebook groups and sharing how you came to work for PI? For me, it was a chance conversation at LAX in 1986.

I was a recent college grad with no idea of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. But I did think that working the travel agency business or for an airline would be great, at least for a while. I had worked a couple of summers for a travel agency and also had a love aviation and airlines, in part because my mother had been an "Air Hostess"/ Stewardess for SAS in the late '50s.

I had found a "McJob" working for an airport shuttle company (not a van service, more like a car service) driving people between LAX and Ventura County. It was just after the "Challenger" space shuttle accident and I was at LAX terminal 4 waiting for some customers arriving on AA. The timetables on display at the lone PI gate caught my eye; they were noting the Empire/Piedmont merger with illustration of the two logos. There was en employee at the gate wearing rather ugly blue color jacket and I asked him how the merger was proceeding. He was impressed that I knew anything about it we started talking about airlines. I mentioned that I was looking to maybe work for an airline and he replied that PI was adding a flight (a 737-300 to DAY) and was about hire some people. He added that he was the passenger service manager, gave me his card, and told me submit a resume. For those of you who know Lou Caamano, he was guy in "smurf" color blazer)

I wound getting an interview, which led to taking several IQ and personality profile tests (any hired around that time remember them?) and then a final interview.

I had no idea that I would still be around 23 years later! Albeit for a company that is very different indeed in a great many ways.

OK, that's my story, what's yours?

In any event, let's get some non-obituary action going!

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