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Grey Booth Stories
Posted by: Donnie Martin (
Date: December 15, 2009 02:14PM

I thought that I would start sending some Capt. Grey Booth stories.

Back in the late 50's or early sixties we were flying DC-3's. Grey Booth owned over 2000 acres near Penhook, Va. He had Black folks living on his farm and they worked in the fields for him. Grey was married to his wife Nell who was formally a PI agent in CRW. Nell was quite a bit younger than Grey. It was rumored that grey was about 10 years older than he reported when he was hired. One morning Grey was flying from INT to ROA and he would always fly over his farm to see what was going on. This particular morning he came into the crew room and got on the wall phone and called home. When Nell answered Grey said "Nell I just flew over the farm and there was not a damn Black person in the field. You go over and see if they are still in bed or what?" Of course Grey always used the N word for the blacks. Grey was facing the phone on the wall and you could see the back of his neck turning RED!

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