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Another Grey Booth Story
Posted by: Donnie Martin (
Date: December 17, 2009 02:36PM

One day I read in the Roanoke Newspaper that a killing had taken place near Penhook, Va. That afternoon Capt. Booth came to the airport to fly a trip. I told Capt. Booth that I had read about a murder near Penhook. Capt. Booth said "yeah that was on my place. You know they had the nerve to come up to the house this morning and asked to borrow money to get him embalmed. I said Hell No, just bury him quicker, Now!"

Another time I was driving on a street in Roanoke and Capt. Booth was in front of me in his 1954 Buick that he hauled feed, animals etc., in the back seat. I noticed that the car apparently had no shocks on the rear. This model Buick had coil springs on the rear and the car was bouncing up and down and I figured it might rock Grey to sleep. We both were going to the airport. When Capt. Booth came into the operations room, I said "Capt. Booth it's about time for you to buy a new Buick isn't it." He replied "Heh I might buy a new Fifty Five. This was in the early 60's

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