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One more Grey Booth Story
Posted by: Verne Crisp (
Date: December 28, 2009 06:53PM

Capt Booth came into my office years ago in AVL and asked me to come to the boarding lounge with him. The object of his concern was a young couple waiting to board his ATL flight. She had numerous piercings and a dog collar on and the boy-friend had a leash snapped on it.He advised he would not allow them on the flight.I told him we didn't have much cause to deny her and he cited that we didn't accept prisoners in handcuffs. I told him we would if they were not cuffed to the seat or other part of the plane so if the BF didn't tie her to the seat we would have to take them. He wanted to call Dispatch...we did...and he got the same interpretation from them. He said he would allow them on but he sure didn't like it !! I spoke with the boy and told him we had a problem with the leash and asked him would he keep it in his pocket while on board the A/C. He readily agreed. Capt Booth shook his head and watched them board and stated he did not know what this world was coming to....He was one of the "good guys" .

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Re: One more Grey Booth Story
Posted by: snorton70 (
Date: February 23, 2010 05:30AM

OK Now I will Tell you about Grey Both
I flew many trips wth Grey Booth. I do not know if you know this but he told me one time while I flew CoPiot with him that he was an Atheist but this man was one of the most honorable men that I flew with as he kept his Ducks in a Row and thought the world of his family. God only knows what would have happened to the person that did any harm to his family. I flew many trips with Grey and he was one of the most honest that I flew with and he would put me to shame.You shook his hand and it was steel. To Bad that there are not more like him today.

Take Care Grey where ever you may Be.

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Re: One more Grey Booth Story
Posted by: Don Shanks (Moderator)
Date: March 29, 2010 12:41AM

Gray was, indeed, one of a kind. He told it like it was. . . . . . .

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Re: One more Grey Booth Story
Posted by: williamryan (
Date: May 14, 2012 02:08AM

I got to fly with Grey one time. He had a way of distilling life into as few words as immaginable.

I was sent to ROA from DCA to cover a trip and Grey was the captain. Being new (1967) the usual Q & A was boiled down to "Where did you come from?" As we flew along the radar of the Martin was picking up some activity along our route. Grey turned to me and said, "There is only two types of weather; weather you fly in and weather you don't." Can't get much simpler than that.

Many years later we were sitting in the ROA crew room and I knew had a lot of land. I asked him, "Grey, how much land do you have?" He said, "Well, I rightly don't know. I buy a little and I sell a little."

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