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Maskingtape-on Martin 404's Wings: Passenger's Looks.
Posted by: 54977 (
Date: April 01, 2010 06:00PM

I was an Eastern Air Lines, RDU ramp serviceman, circa 1965-1971. Our bagroom was behind the ticket counter. The rear of the bagroom had two big (but home-size) garage doors that opened ramp-side; but the ramps there were used by PI aircraft.

The RDU airport authority refueled PI's recip gasoline aircraft. The re-fueler could not get the underwing fuel nozzel door to latch, and the flight was due to depart.

He ran in our EA bagroom asking, had we any "tape"? I said only wide maskingtape, and gave him a roll.

He ran out putting big strips of wide masking-tape all over the lower parts of the port wing, attempting to keep the sheet-metal door shut. I loved the looks in the passenger's wide-eyes, pressed against the Martin's cabin windows! Wonder what they were thinking?

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