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It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Steve Lyons (
Date: October 07, 2003 09:57PM

It still tugs at my guts, and brings a tear to my eyes.........

As most of you know, I worked for Piedmont Airlines from Oct 1984 - 1989.
So, I regularly check out the postings on this web site...... which is the Official
Piedmont Employee site.
There are new postings now and then from people I knew and those that I didn't, but get to know about.
Being the sentinmental person that I am, I just can't stop coming back.
And I can't stop going back in memory either. Some may not understand, if they have never had a career and not just a job, but we were a very close knit company. And it wasn't just a job, wasn't just a company, not just making money. That's why it hurt so bad to see them sell her out.

We all take experience and knowlege from everything we do in life.
And I can't help getting caught up in my memories now and again.
There is something that triggers a memory. A sight, a smell, a sound.
Maybe it's the smell of a jet engine exhaust. Or the certain kind of Cologne I wore the first year there. (m-o-njure-jovan)
Maybe it's the mention of a familiar name, or someone saying that there has never been a good company or a good job, cause I know better.
Or when someone says that it's hard to find honest people, cause I remember a time when it wasn't so hard.
Or when I get a good laugh at work, and think of those other good laughs I miss so much that came more often.
And now, though I work for another really good company...
One that I often enjoy going to work to....
What-ever the reason, please understand...........that "we" come from a unique breed of people......
We Care.
Always did and always will.
Perhaps that mades us different.
I know the same is ALL different!


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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: donald selover (
Date: February 17, 2004 11:21PM

Dear Steve

Yes it does , most people I know feel the same way sometimes.
I worked for a large boat plant here for almost 31 years when I was
basically sold out and laid off. The PIEDMONT FAMILY was done the
the same way basically. I feel that if Piedmont would have resisted
U.S. Air would not be in the predicament it is in today and Piedmont
would have come out on top. I think Piedmont had the better mana-
gement team........ end of story. I have great memories where I once
worked and it is still struggling due to the economy and other factors.

I remember when piedmont was still flying DC-3 out of this little
town of New Bern (EWN) along with the Martin 404s. the Fokker F-227s
and the(Yamaha Expresses) Namc YS-11s. I live about a half mile from
Craven County Regiional and can still hear and smell the aircraft from
my home on a good day. I have my table top scanner programmed to
the frequencies of EWN and they still use the Piedmont Call Sign for
U.S. Airways Express. So when you hear them taxing out to the runway
the scanner will pop up Washington Center: PIEDMONT 3220(or what
ever flight it is) cleared as filed, direct to whatever,climb and maintain
two-thousand, ten minutes after departure climb to ten-thousand .

I guess memories are the greatest, as long as we have them,
PIEDMONT will never ever die


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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Steve Lyons (
Date: February 18, 2004 02:21AM

Yes, Piedmont Airlines' name was given to "Henson the Piedmont Regional Airline" in the early 1990s.
USAirways used the former names of it's subsidiaries for it's commuter airlines.
It's kind of genius in a way.
As long as they use them, no one else can.
I read recently that "Piedmont" is taking over Allegheny! (Commuter)
Now that is a switch is it not?!
That's how it should have been.
Anyway, someday Piedmont shall be like the Phoenix Bird rising out of the desert sand.
It's growing with the merger of Allegheny into it and could grow even more as the years go on.
All it needs is for someone to buy it out of USAir.

It must be nice to hear that scanner say "Piedmont".
I guess I could hear the same thing here at TRI if I had a scanner.
"Piedmont" flies here too as USAirways express.

Thanks for your reply, I enjoyed it.


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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Bill Owens (
Date: February 18, 2004 07:36PM

Piedmont definitely hac the better management team, just look at the new Continental and Gordon Bethune.

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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Steve Lyons (
Date: February 18, 2004 10:03PM

Hey, I hear ya about Continental.
I am halfway through reading "Freefall" about Eastern and Continental and Texas Air, Frank Lorenzo.
The book is written from a management perspective by a Gentleman who worked for all three.
There's alot of bias in the book, but I am getting a more well rounded view of what actually happened at Eastern.
I already pretty much knew the view from the man on the ramp.
Continental is fortunate to even be around as a company.
They kind of survived by default, as Texas Air bought them and kept the name Continental, and then absorbed parts of Eastern, People Express, New York Air, etc.
What we have today, is what was left after the exit of Lorenzo and a couple reorganizations.
Bethume has done VERY well, I am proud of him.
Continental will be lucky if they don't get absorbed again like Piedmont did.
Delta has been knocking at their doors a couple times.

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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Tommy R. Durrer (
Date: February 09, 2005 03:38AM

I started my airline career with Allegheny in 1958 at DCA.Worked only 10 month , just long enough to swich to PI near my hometown of CHO. Thanks to Bill Clark and Ralph Pendelson ,they were very helpful in getting me on with a real airline which lasted 34 and a haft years of great times.
10 yrs with Dick Mahn, 11 yrs with the one and only Milt Ward, 10yrs with Dan Berry as Mgr, and 1 or 2 yrs under Barry Mitchell. the last 2 were in CLT. How luckey to be able to work with Piedmont Airlines and all the great people.

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Re: It still brings a tear to my eyes!
Posted by: Martin Getz (
Date: December 06, 2005 03:54PM

Well, 16 years after my company left me, I've left the hollow shadow that replaced it. I've left USAir(I don't have to say 'ways' any more) and taken a job that is paying more to start than USAir after 21 years. So, I put in my resignation to the head of my department and neither he nor the DCA station manager even had the good grace to acknowledge receiving the letter much less any type of goodbye. 21 years and they couldn't even tell me not to let the door hit me<<sigh>>. Ah well, just another difference between my company and USAir.

And now for your entertainment I present the following song:

Sung to the tune of

"Leaving on a Jet Plane."

My shift is done and I'm ready to go.
I'm standing here at the phone by the door.
I'd love to wake Dean* up to say goodbye.

But my wife is waiting we leave at dawn.
She's out in the car and blowin the horn.
Already I'm so happy I could cry, cause

I'm leaving the world of jet planes
I'm quitting from this stupid game
Leaving, my life's about to change.
Oh babe, I'm glad to go.

So many times you've let me down,
Yet always I've just stuck around.
You've proven now that I don't mean a thing.

So miss me and envy me,
I'm so happy to be free,
From USAir and all it's silly ways, And

I'm leaving the world of jet planes
Just getting out of this game
Leaving, my life won't be the same.
Oh babe, I'm glad to go.

* Dean is Dean Kirker- Pax Svc Mgr at DCA

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