RDU EA 'Human Remains PI Fright'n Flight
Posted by: James A. Miller, Jr. (---.152.246.236.Dial1.Atlanta1.Level3.net)
Date: October 12, 2005 06:35AM

Circa 1965 to 1970, I was an Eastern Air Lines last shift ramp serviceman at Raleigh-Durham. It was a one-man bag room operation then. I finished inside work as soon as possible so Eastern ticket agent (initials IT) could toss aircraft blankets and a small pillow on the then new long baggage carts, and get some shut-eye before the Eastern morning shift arrived.

I.T.'s wife had kicked him out of the house, and Ira needed to save money. I was outside sorting the mail bags for pick-up. The adjoing RDU PI station closed an hour before EA's, at RDU. A street light shown down through the two Eastern baggage room garage door's row of windows, upon old Ira's layed-out, slumbering 'corps'; but Ira was not yet asleep; he just look eternally so.

The two PI agents outside, homeward bound; passed the Eastern garage door windows. "Did you see THAT..." exclaimed one PI agent to the other; "...it looks like A CORPS"! At an outside baggage cart, sorting mail bags; I laughted; "That 'corps' looks like a corps, because that's what it is; a "human remains". Both agents, hands sheltering eyes, pressed intently against the glass. "It sure does look like a REAL human corps!"

I said it was part of a "consolidated" freight shipment. The executive's home-built, home hobby shop casket, was due in on the last flight from Laguadia, but didn't make it; "They promised it on the first flight in, in the morning".

"What are you going to do then?" aked one PI agent? "Consolidate the casket with the corps, and they will continue at a consolidated saveings rate to Miami, to where that senior executive was to retire with his wife. He had the home-built casket over the rafters of his New York home hobby shop. He died visiting one of his Chicago factories."

"It really looks 'real'; real life-like". Ira was still awake listening; on his back, his hands beneath the blanket.

Suddenly Ira and covering blanket reared up, as Ira and blanket, lunged towards the two PI agent on-lookers, lurking outside.; the blanket flying on towards their window.

The two PI on-looking agents, together lurched into sudden flight, fleeing ol' Ira's suddenly alive, EA 'corps'.

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Re: RDU EA 'Human Remains PI Fright'n Flight
Posted by: Don Conner (---.bna.bellsouth.net)
Date: October 12, 2005 01:10PM

Working as Ops Spvr in BNA in the early 70's we had an HR in an air tray arrive, destined for a funeral home in a town quite a ways from BNA. Before we could even contact the consignee a small plane pulled up on the freight ramp outside our cargo office. The pilot said he was there to pick up the HR. We asked how he intended to get the air tray into the small aircraft and he said, "Don't worry about it, just let me sign the air bill and I will take care of the rest", after which he wheeled the cart with the HR out to his aircraft, took the body out of the air tray, propped it up and secured it in the psgr seat, and took off. Believe me, our freight agent, ORF transfer Bob Wylie, did not assist him in any way!

And there was the time, in my ROA days in the mid-60's, that a lady missed her connecting flt to GSO. She said she was accompanying her husband's body to GSO for burial, but there had been no HR on her inbound flight. Fearing that we had mishandled her husband's body, we questioned her tactfully about his remains and she informed us that she had them in her carry-on bag. He had been cremated! In a few minutes her son was on the phone from GSO, very irate, saying we had caused her to be late for her husband's funeral. We put her on the phone with him and she told him to just calm down, "your dad and I are just fine, and we'll bury him when we get there; you know he was never on time for anything anyway". This was one of the top classic incidents of my 38 yr career.

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