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Verne Crisp in GSB
Posted by: Don Shanks (Moderator)
Date: November 21, 2008 02:24AM

There are great Piedmont stories that show up in my email INBOX that need to be posted here for everyone to read. Here is one that i received from our friend Verne Crisp.
Don Shanks

I worked at GSB in 1966-67. I remember the graveyard and also the hog lot across from the got intense on warm days !! I remember when Leon Fox landed there one nite and got lost of the taxiways. GSB was a SAC base at that time and security around the A Bombs was as tight as it gets. HE GOT escorted back to the runup pad by a "Follow Me" and got a royal ass chewing from the base duty officer. Since Capt Fox was pretty good at chewing ass himself we really got a kick out of that incident !! Another incident that I remember about GSB involved Capt Pappy Wilkes. GSB had a cable across a part of the runway that was referred to as the "Jet Barrier" They issued Notams... Jet Barrier Up or Jet Barrier Down We had just started to land there and Pappy didn't realize that Jet Barrier Down didn't mean it was removed from the runway only slacked and laying across the runwa y. He landed over the threshhold and short of the barrier. Either the First Officer or the tower alerted him and he did a touch and go and got airborne before he ran over it. This was on either an F-27 or an FH 227.....lucky to get it spooled up and back in the air !! This also brought about a visit from the Base Duty Officer Thanks for jarring my memories !!!

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