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Verne Crisp story. . . . . .
Posted by: Don Shanks (Moderator)
Date: December 27, 2008 08:05PM

A great story from our buddy, Verne Crisp. . . . . . . Verne has always been able to tell the greatest stories.
Don Shanks
I started to work for Piedmont Airlines on the morning of December 24 1956 at RDU. Chester Nutt hired me and when I came in that morning Chester told me to report to Bill Jett and he would "show me what to do".

I spent the morning and half the afternoon handling baggage, talking with Bill and reading manuals. I think we had eight flights a day at RDU back then, and about 12-14 employees working at RDU at the time.

Everyone gathered around the teletype mid-afternoon when a message from Mr. Davis came off. As I remember I think we got an additional holiday granted for 1957 along with a raise as well as Mr. Davis' thanks for a good year and best wishes for the next one. I beleive my raise amounted to about $20.00, which was good money back then.

At five o'clock Chester told me to take two days off since Bill was going to be off two days and he wanted me working with him. In summary .... I worked less than eight hours before I got an extra day off each year, a twenty dollar a month raise and two days down time..

How could any one not like working for this company !!

It was MANY years before I got Christmas Day off again !!!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you left out there.........

Verne - Employee/Payroll #5002

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