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Close Call in Greensboro
Posted by: dendarnell (
Date: November 21, 2009 03:13PM

It was 6 am on the hanger ramp,1986 and time to taxi my 727 to the flight line for its day of service.I was a rookie at taxing so I was being carefull.It was foggy that morning and visability was maybe 50 feet.I approached the "hold short line" at the taxi lane and called the tower for clearance to cross the "active" runway to the terminal.I thought I heard the tower say OK to cross the active but I paused and asked the right seater if thats what he said.He was unsure also.I hesitated asking the tower again because he was very "TESTY" in tone.Being the rookie I was I wanted to be sure so I sucked it up and called for clearance again.He yelled over the radio saying "I told you to hold short,hold short!".Within 3 seconds I saw a blurr go by my nose. No more than 25 feet forward of my nose a DC-10 was rotating on take off....I was soo glad my brakes were still locked and that I had called for clarification.Today when I am enterring traffic I always remember that morning and how much it pays to be patient.

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