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The Most Beautiful Flight
Posted by: burcham8 (
Date: September 30, 2010 08:17PM

Hello All,

When I was a kid my dream was to learn to fly. I did, and it was Piedmont Airlines who made certain I never gave up my dream.
We had moved from Greensboro, North Carolina to Columbus, Ohio the summer before my fourth grade year. Once a year, we would treat ourselves to a flight from KCMH to KGSO. In the early seventies, this was all day in the air in a YS-11 with (if I remember correctly) seven stops between terminals. What a treat for me!
This one trip set me up to HAVE to fly. The weather was beautiful; the flight crew more than friendly. When we got to Greenbrier, WV, we were early so the pilot flew some figure-8s over the golf course so we on either side of the plane could see it - imagine that much personality in the air today!. As the afternoon went on, clouds began to build. Toward the end of the trip the light in the plane suddenly turned a vivd pink. I looked out my window and saw the clouds lofting up over the Blue Ridge, forming a tunnel, at the end of which, smack in the middle, was the setting sun!
Suffice it to say, I learned to fly!


Marc Burcham
Atlanta, Georgia

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