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Texas Thunderstorm
Posted by: Margie Kye (
Date: February 23, 2002 09:44PM

1980-ish, I was working a 737 flight from CLT to somewhere in Texas. Late afternoon TRWs were everywhere you looked, and after a LOT of vectoring and circling, we finally landed...really late. About the time we got to the gate, a real honest-to-goodness TEXAS-sized storm hit the airport and rained like you seldom see outside of a hurricane!

The poor ramp agents were sloshing around, caterers, cleaners, boarding agents all trying to make a quick turn-around in that mess. We boarded a FULL LOAD of pax going to CLT, I was getting the final headcount, when a guy pointed to the window by his seat and asked if that crack was supposed to be there. HUH? Sure enough, it looked like a crack that zigzagged from the top right corner to the bottom left corner.

Go get the captain; yep, looks like it's cracked. Whichever station this was didn't have PAI-M, but eventually a mechanic from whoever provided maintenance there showed up and confirms that the window is indeed cracked. The nearest replacement is in GSO. The flight is cancelled.

By now, it has gotten rather late. All those pax had to be rescheduled, rerouted, put in hotels, etc.

The plan was for the replacement window to be flown in from GSO on a small plane, the repair made, and we'd take the ac back to CLT (GSO?) at 0-dark:30 the next morning.

After a few hours at the hotel, we showed up for the flight east; the captain asked the mechanic about the repairs. The mechanic said the new window had arrived, but as soon as they started loosening the broken window to remove it, the "crack" drained right out! Somehow, rainwater had gotten inside and fooled everyone!

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