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DCA water hole
Posted by: H. W. Robinson (
Date: May 06, 2002 04:03AM

I was on the ramp one of the times the storm drain backedup, which was common on really bad rainy days. I was up front unloading the front top cargo bins on a Martin 404. The captain and the copilot passed by because the flight was late and they where the turn around crews. Nexted came out was a male jumpseat rider. He stopped and said to the effect do need some help? I said it would be appreciated. He took off his sports coat and began helping. When unloaded he asked if I was o.k. now? I said yes as the new onboard catgo was coming up. Later when I got back into ops I was being teased that a celebitrey had been my aide. Then I found out it was Mr. Tom Davis. This I will never forget. Thankyou a most remarkable man, you are and will be missed. Hubert Wm. (aka) Robinson DCA PI 1968-1973

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Re: DCAMemories
Posted by: H. W. (aka (
Date: May 19, 2002 05:54AM

WE at DCA PI had a tight A/C Parking ramp area. Some time someomne would have to walk out ont a wing tip just to get an A/C out to pass by a simular A/C. Then when we statred getting bigger A/C the ramp area really go jammed. Late arrivals due to weather and trying to do turnarounds some times were really dicey, but we made it. And to the best of my knowlage we never had to cancel a flight due to A/C damage, it was awfully close at times though. You took your time and held your breath, bad wheather was 99% of the cause. Y'All enjoy your day. See Ya

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