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I know threre are many stories
Posted by: H. W. Robinson (
Date: May 19, 2002 06:14AM

Come on guys I know that there are many stories out there in PI land that should be told; history ,people,humor and yes tradegities. Speake up this are your AILINER "ROOTS". Share, See Ya, Robin ( bigbirddaddy@hot ) P/S; funny that I shold have email monicur, I had it 2 years before finding you guys. Weird, huh? Fate I guess.

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: David R. (Doc) Miller - GSO (
Date: September 28, 2002 02:05AM

I remember when I was working a 4:10 flight from GSO to CLT. I had come up with a new and supposedly "efficient" new way of handling "non-rev" tickets. Well I ended up going from the wrong end of the pile and put the non-rev's on that had the least seniority and denying the senior personnel. In the true PIEDMONT spirit the senior agents handled my mistake the way I remember PIEDMONT personnel with dignity and integrity. I sure do miss the PIEDMONT days. PIEDMONT truly was "The model of how GOOD an airline "Should" Be !!!

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: Bill Owens (
Date: February 12, 2004 07:21PM

I remeber one evening in LWB when a young man walked up and wanted to buy a ticket to CVG. The problem was he didn't have enough money for a full fare ticket. This was back in the days of military standby fares, so I asked him if he was in the military. When he replied "no", I said "Well, you are now." I had empty seats on flight 919, he had enough money for a military standby ticket. He got to CVG and we got a little bit of money, and, IMO, lots of goodwill. Useless Air would have probably fired me for that.


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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: George Wiles (
Date: April 01, 2004 10:23PM

I remember in 1967 while working the ticket counter with only about 6 months seniority, this psgr came up and wanted rt tk to state college ,pa
and I wrote the tk to by mistake. When the psgr returned he came to counter and I happen to be working and he explained the situation
to me and I flelt like a fool. and I offered to give him a refund and he said
oh dont worry about it that's why they put erasers on pencils.

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: Verne Crisp (
Date: April 02, 2004 01:24AM

Seeing the post from George Wiles reminded me...In 1967 I went to DAN as Station Manager,my first experience in this position. George and I were the only two experienced agents there,along with 4 new-hires. While interviewing to fill these positions I spoke with a young man just back from a tour of duty in the armed forces. I was very impressed with him and called him back after the interview and asked him if he were selected for the job,when could he report for work.He hesitated just a moment and stated that he was getting married the next day and had planned on a honey-moon trip with the new bride,but if affected his chance of getting the job,he could come to work immediately!!! I told him to call me when he got back from his trip. Van Anderson turned out to be one of the best employees I ever hired. He represented Piedmont Airlines exceptionally well for his entire career. This is the type person that worked for the company and the reason the company was "AS GOOD AS AN AIRLINE CAN BE"...

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: gregthepirate43 (
Date: April 11, 2010 09:07PM

My father (Jim Phelps) worked for PI all my young life. One time my father, little sister and myself were non-reving from RDU to DCA on a 737-200 when the front seats faced backwards. There was a gentlemen seated across from us. He asked us how we were enjoying the flight as he ( the gentlemen) was playing cards with me and my sister. I had never seen my dad so nervous before than. It seems the gentlemen was Tom Davis. He treated us like kings even though he was the boss. I will never forget that.

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: donconner (
Date: May 09, 2010 01:17AM

I started with PI in ROA in late 1963 on the ramp, later moving inside to Resv/Tkt Counter for a year. There was a red-headed lady who would show up at the counter and want a "round trip ticket on the next flight". She didn't care where it was going as long as she could get back to ROA the same day. Depending on what time of day she showed up, we would send her to DCA, CVG, ATL, or, if later in the day, just to LYH, CHO, or RIC. After I xfered to BNA in 1968 I would occasionally see her deplane and then board the next flight back to ROA. She would sometimes do this 3-4 times a week! I still remember her name. She lived to be very old, and was still flying PI at the time of the merger.

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Re: I know threre are many stories
Posted by: Carter Tinsley (
Date: May 30, 2010 11:32PM

On a very cold winter day at ISO. We came to work at 0530 to find that the
airport boiler had gone out overnight. It was ten degrees outside and ten
degrees inside. The old DMC printer was so cold it could only grunt. Jane
Jenkins Barnette was working the gate that morning. As she was pulling
coupons and boarding the flight a passenger asked "honey why are your hands
so blue", without hesitation JJ said "to match my uniform of course".

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