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on the job pranks
Posted by: Pam Wilson-Masone (
Date: June 30, 2002 05:17PM

I guess it's safe to tell this now..I was still part-time at TRI, it was Stan's (can't remember his last name) birthday and he had offered me $$ to stay the last four hours of his shift, and being a broke part-timer I accepted..Well, at the time we had a TRI to AVL flight. That night we were booked to a big 0. I went up with Dick Miller to dispatch the flight. He shut the door, with me inside and yelled to the Captain to take off!! And he did!! So off I go to AVL. Luckily, the same front end crew was bringing back the AVL/TRI leg also, but with a different f/a crew and some pax!!. I had no purse, no contact solution..nothing..Then, it starts to get foggy in AVL..long story short..we made it back..My supervisor Charlie Johnson, opened the door, looked at me and said , "I'm not even gonna ask. Goodnight Pam."

Oh, the good old days!!!!!!

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