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On an October afternoon
Posted by: Steve Lyons (
Date: August 29, 2002 08:17PM

On an early October afternoon , 1984, a Newhire Piedmont Ops Agent, loaded his first flight, a 737-200. I think it was going to CLT-DCA, or CLT-GSO as there were those two flights on the ground, best I can remember.
The air was crisp with the sun out.
The little picture that appears on the front of the homepage here now, was in the inside first page of PACE magazine at that time.
The picture reminded me of the feeling I had.
The feeling was not only one of total heartfelt joy, but one of security.
I KNEW that the company I worked for CARED.
Not only for myself, but the thousands of other Piedmont People and the Passenger the planes carried to their destainations.
Wouldn't it be GRAND?!
If there was still an airline like that around.....
Close enough for us to get back and forth to work there today?
I know that I would make a path to their door and beg to be a part of that!


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Re: On an October afternoon
Posted by: Dave Wiebe (
Date: September 04, 2002 01:44AM

Great story, Steve. I can only hope I get a chance to work for a company with the same philosophies as Piedmont. As you know from my e-mails and posts, my only problem with US Airways was the way Wolf treated the people. He was in it only for the money. There's no doubt about that now. Ask any UA, RC, or FT employee and they will tell you the same thing. "Wolf's a jerk."

But enough about personal opinion. Even if Piedmont was still around, they would still need a foreign and domestic partnership to bolster their network and revenues. Every major hub-and-spoke carrier has one (or is in the process of getting into one). As for PACE Airlines, we can only hope. Take care.

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