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short ticket...long flight
Posted by: jim daniel (
Date: March 09, 2003 01:55AM

I could write a book about my 3 1/2 years with the greatest airline ever, but one story really stands out above all others. DC-3 days, about '54, round trip from ORF to CVG, weather lousy. Had a passenger get on in ORF who was going to RIC, conduct business, and catch us on the return. Wx was below minimuns as we approached RIC and I informed him we would drop him off in LYH and they'd send him back to RIC. Well, let's just cut this short right now. As the flight progressed westward, so did the below minimums. We overflew 'em all, Lyh, ROA, BKW, CHW, HTW. BUT, we were able to get into CVG. The man was beside himself by this time but while having lunch with the Capt, Co-pilot and me, the purser, the Wx went below there. Several hours later, I had to inform him that we were cancelling the flight for the day and would originate #32 the next morning.
Piedmont would pick up the cost of everything but not the drinks if he chose to have a couple with us in town. He couldn't believe he started off on a 75 mile trip and was endiing up in Ohio. forward to the next day and we hit every stop until we got close to RIC and it went down too. He was good natured about it though.
On landing, back in ORF, he jokingly said it was the last time he'd fly with us.

I wonder how many former ORF pursers from those days are out there.
Would like to hear from any of them...Jim....1951 ti 1955.

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