Sky Day
Posted by: Don Shanks (Moderator)
Date: October 20, 2009 02:26AM

Hello Dear Friends,
This is Todd Day, Sky's son.

I'm very sorry to tell you all that Dad lost his fight with lymphoma today at 12:25pm. He had been in the ICU at Baptist Hospital since last Wednesday night. Mom took him there because he was having difficulty breathing. It was determined that he had massive fluid buildup around his lungs. The fluid was due to the incredible expansion of the lymphoma in his body. Thursday afternoon the doctors decided to do a procedure to draw the fluid off of his lungs but Dad was so weak that he stopped breathing when they started the procedure. They put him on a ventilator in order to do the procedure. After the procedure Dad basically lapsed into a coma and never recovered. His organs began failing over the weekend, starting with his kidneys. His heart began failing Sunday morning.

Mom, myself and my wife stayed by him in the ICU all weekend. By this morning the only thing keeping him alive was the ventilator and the drugs they were giving him. Dad remained in a comatose state and never indicated that he was in any pain or was aware of his surroundings. One of Dad's doctors made a statement over the weekend that really made an impression on us. She said, "At some point we have to decide when we have crossed the line from doing things 'for' him versus doing things 'to' him."

This morning we knew in our hearts beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had crossed that line. We made the very difficult decision to withdraw life support and let nature take its course. Dad passed in less than a minute from when the ventilator was removed. We know in our hearts we made the right decision.

Mom has searched for many of your phone numbers and cannot find them among Dad's contacts but I knew we could find your email addresses and make contact.

As of right now arrangements are incomplete. As soon as I know something (probably tomorrow afternoon) I will update you all.

Please take comfort in the knowledge that Dad loved each and every one of you.

If you would like to contact us please either email me
( or phone us here at the home (336-996-2693).


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