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Posted by: rsorderforgame (27.102.66.---)
Date: March 16, 2019 09:09AM

Recently, OSRS officially released their new game changes about Kebos and QoL - Combat. For those who don't know these changes, is rather pleased to review them with you all. Of course there are more OSRS related news available on our site, you are welcomed to check them out. Besides, huge amounts of OSRS gold are at full stock with cheapest price at our site. You are highly welcomed to get all kinds of RuneScape 07 Items with no risk from us.

Before we start talking about new balance changes, a new quest called X Marks the Spot is available now in OSRS. It's a short, novice Free-to-play quest aimed at players just starting out with other quests such as Sheep Shearer and Cook's Assistant. This is designed to give the Kingdom of Kourend ties to the mainland. If you are interested, then it's time to begin this wonderful journey! Now, let's reveal new balance changes together.


The Hydra Head - The Hydra head has been added to the Alchemical Hydra's loot table. You can mount this on the wall of your Skill Hall in your POH at 82 Construction. This will reward the player with 1103 Construction XP as well as 200 XP in Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic and Ranged. This also requires two Mahogany planks and 2 Gold leaves. Alternatively, the Hydra head can be used to recolour the Slayer helm. This requires spending 1,000 Slayer points in the reward shop as it does with other Slayer helm recolours.

Konar's Keys - Players who are lucky enough to roll a drop on Konar's table during a Konar slayer task will be awarded with a key. These keys are stackable and can be used on the Brimstone chest for a reward. The chest is located on Mount Karuulm beside Konar.

- Wyrm, Drake and Hydra Bones
- Wyrm bones now give 50 XP when buried.
- Drake bones now give 80 XP when buried.
- Hydra bones now give 110 XP when buried.

Poison Protection From Hydras - Poison protection from potions like anti-poison and the Serpentine helmet now reduce the damage taken from the Hydra's special poison attack.

Dragonfire Protection From Drakes - The Drake's fire attack can now be resisted by dragonfire protection such as the Anti-dragon shield. This will work as it does with the metal dragons. If the shield is not enough for you, you can farm osrs power leveling to enhance yourself for dragonfire.

Aerial Fishing - Players may now trade the Golden tenchs to Alry for 100 Molch pearls.

Architectural Alliance - As recently polled, players will no longer lose favour in one of the Kourend houses if they perform tasks in a different house, regardless of whether or not they have started Architectural Alliance. As a result, completing Architectural Alliance will instead grant the player a reward lamp, granting 10,000 XP in any skill level 40 and above. If you have already completed the miniquest, you can claim the lamp from Hosa who can be found at the statue of King Rada I outside Kourend Castle.

QoL Month

Pest Control KC Counter - You can now check your Pest Control scores for each lander tier via a scoreboard. This will only count Pest Control wins achieved after this update.

The Serpentine Helm - The Strength bonus of the Serpentine helm has been increased from +3 to +5 to make it more viable relative to its cost.

All new balance changes are mentioned above. You can log in game and experience them. Please sty tuned on for more OSRS related news. In addition, we always prepare all kinds of OSRS items such as rs 2007 runes, weapons to help you become a more powerful player. Please feel free to seek help from us whenever you are in need.

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