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Walter Henry Tackenberg
Posted by: Ronald Macklin (
Date: May 30, 2005 12:13PM

Tack passed away peacefully on May 28, 2005. No details on burial.

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Re: Walter Henry Tackenberg
Posted by: Don Shanks (
Date: June 01, 2005 12:22AM

Some email exchanges on Captain Tack........

Dear Stephanie,

I am so sorry to have to let everyone know that Capt. Tack passed away
today, only 7 l/2 weeks after Willie. We all missed her but no one more
than dad. He passed away peacefully and with no pain. I am sure my sister and we will be participating in the commemorative brick program for mom and dad. I am sure they would be in favor of helping to support the efforts to rebuild the hanger in Spencer for the DC-3.

I just wanted to let everyone know about Tack and to thank them all for
being such wonderful friends back in the good ol' days and forever.

With Warm Regards,

Rita Hendricksen and family
Donna Knoche and family

Dear Rita, Donna, & Family,

I just got in from a trip and got your e-mail. Capt. Tack and Willie will be always remembered by the whole Piedmont family. For the good deeds they have done, for being a totally committed couple in Marriage and Family, and for the peoples lives they have touched.

As you know your Piedmont Family is here for you and your sister and your families. You talked to me about Capt. Tack and Willie wanting their ashes to be buried in a Veterans Cemetery in Norfolk, VA. I know you had some questions with this, and paperwork problems. Let me assure you it can be worked out and DONE, The Piedmont Silver Eagle Pilots, Spouses, & Friends are stepping forward to help bury one of their Brothers and Sisters the way they and the family want them to be buried. Let us help you, please!

Our Norfolk Piedmont Family Pilot and wife liaison is:

Capt. John and Marilyn Richardson
2412 Broad Bay Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
(757) 496-0540

John & Marilyn will help you with anything the Family needs. It they don’t know the answer they’ll find it. The Piedmont Silver Eagles can do amazing things!

I do want to say this Rita, one of the way’s in the past we’ve lost contact with the Siblings of both parents passing is to drop the member and wife off the PSE Roster. It doesn’t happen anymore and has not happened in the past four years, thank you to Capt. Paul Snell. We would like to stay in touch with Tack and Willie’s family, just as you want to stay in touch with us. We’ll continue to list you and your e-mail on our Roster and send all Piedmont Silver Eagle information to you via our website.

We appreciate you setting up the online guest book for Tack & Willie, the link will be sent out shortly.

Your parents will be dearly missed by us and we’re saddened for your Families loss.

Tack is finally with the love of his life, Willie. What a great thing.

Your Piedmont Silver Eagles Family

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