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Does anyone know my father?
Posted by: Michael Gold (
Date: January 27, 2006 05:02AM


My name is Michael Gold. I'm 17 years old, and I have a hearty interest in the airlines as a result of my father, Fred Gold. Dad still flies for US Airways, he's a captain on the B737-300/400 based in CLT. He was hired by PI in the mid-1980s, right before I was born. I sort of missed out on the actual Piedmont thing, but I was young enough that I caught some of it, and I blame the airline bug that I have on him and his stories of "the good old days". I'm just curious if any of you know him. I think it would mean a lot to him if it turned out that people remember him. I realize that Piedmont was a quite large company in the end, and that of the several thousand pilots, only a fraction use this site, and only a fraction of that fraction could have come into contact with him. He started in the 727s at Smith Reynolds (KINT) in Winston-Salem, NC.

-Mike Gold

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Re: Does anyone know my father?
Posted by: Johnny Landers (
Date: February 19, 2006 05:11AM

Mike I remember your dad from the days (84-88) when I worked in CLT.I was a mechanic there in line maintenance and remember your dad when he was flying with another friend Ted Hill.Your dad was always a very good guy to talk with.You are a lucky young man to have a dad such Fred . Johnny Landers

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Re: Does anyone know my father?
Posted by: snorton71 (
Date: April 01, 2008 02:54AM

I rember your dad as he flew CoPilot with me and had to put up with me. fine young man and good pilot. I hope all is well. Take Care Capt. Harold O Norton

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