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Looking for a co-pilot from 1981
Posted by: S. L. (Sam) Pirtle (
Date: June 07, 2003 11:50PM

I am sure this will sound like a crazy search. I am looking for a US-Airways pilot. He was a Piedmont Airlines Co-Pilot when I met him briefly in November 26, 1981. He was living in and flying out of Norfolk, VA. I was sailing in the merchant marines as third mate on a coal ship.
I have found a man who remembers the man I am looking for, but he doesn’t remember the Co-pilot’s name. He did however remember that he now works for US-Airways. This man is retired so he can’t post this search on the pilot’s board.
I really can't describe him well enough for an I.D. He was in his late 30's in 1981, was in the national guard. At that time his condo in Norfolk was new and he drove a yellow compact car. He was on the Denver - Norfolk flight.
If you know someone who sounds like they would match this description, would you pass the message along that I am looking for them through classmates? He might remember me as the cute blonde, 23 years old, in faded blue jeans, that he meet a Bennigan's at dinner.
I lost the paper with his name and number, but every time I have sailed into Norfolk over the last 22 years I wonder whatever happened to him. There are just some people who affect you that way. When I saw that Classmates had a work place section I decided it was worth a try to get in touch with him again.

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