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PIEDMONT || Flight of the Pacemaker
written by: Frank Elliot
compiled by: Elizabeth Norfleet
PIEDMONT: Flight of the Pacemaker A readable and entertaining history in words and pictures of a southern institution that became one of the nation's leading airlines. Drawing on exclusive access to Piedmont's files, the book traces the antecedents of the airline before World War II and documents its growth over the ensuing decades into an international carrier.

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On a cold day in February, 1948, a small DC-3 took to the skies over Wilmington, North Carolina enroute to Cincinnati, Ohio with intermediate stops in Southern Pines, Charlotte and Ashville, North Carolina, Tri-Cities, Tennessee and Lexington, Kentucky.

Piedmont Flight 41 was carrying one paying passenger, founder T.H. Davis who was not yet 30 years old and a handful of local dignitaries.

"If you're driving down the road and see a turtle sitting on a fence post,
don't be too impressed. That turtle didn't get there by itself."

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