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2431 Pacemakers Registered
Promoting and Sharing the Memory and Spirit
of Piedmont Airlines
Celebrating 15 Years Online - 1999-2014
PIEDMONT AIRLINES || Boeing 737-400 Fleet Information

Operated 1988-1989
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Registration #MFR Serial #DeliveredIn ServiceChristening
N404US (to US as N404US)23886N/AN/A
N405US (to US as N405US)23885N/AN/A
N406US (to US as N406US)23876N/AN/AThe Thomas H. Davis Pacemaker
Comments: Piedmont Airlines was the launch customer for the Boeing 737-400 aircraft. N406US was the world's first Boeing 737-400 and appropriately christened the "Thomas H Davis Pacemaker" - the only Boeing 737-400 to be named.
N407US (to US as N407US)23877N/AN/A
N408US (to US as N408US)23878N/AN/A
N409US (to US as N409US)23879N/AN/A
N411US (to US as N411US)23880N/AN/A
N412US (to US as N412US)23881N/AN/A
N413US (to US as N413US)23882N/AN/A
N415US (to US as N415US)23883N/AN/A
N416US (to US as N416US)23884N/AN/A
N417US (to US as N417US)23984N/AN/A
N418US (to US as N418US)23985N/AN/A
N419US (to US as N419US)23986N/AN/A
N420US (to US as N420US)23987N/AN/A
N421US (to US as N421US)23988N/AN/A
N422US (to US as N422US)23989N/AN/A
N423US (to US as N423US)23990N/AN/A
N424US (to US as N424US)23991N/AN/A
N425US (to US as N425US)23992N/AN/A
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