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PIEDMONT AIRLINES || Douglas DC-3 Fleet Information

Operated 1948-1963

Registration # MFR Serial # Delivered In Service Christening
N145A 6098 N/A N/A
Comments: Leased from Northeast.
N40V 3287 N/A N/A Great Smokies Pacemaker
Comments: Ex United M19948. Leased to Piedmont 01-1949, then purchased 03-21-1949. This aircraft operated last Piedmont DC-3 service on 02-20-1963. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft.
N41V 2227 N/A N/A Blue Ridge Pacemaker
Comments: Ex United N25621. Leased to Piedmont 01-1949 then purchased 03-21-1949. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft.
N42V 42974 N/A N/A Appalachian Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Colonial N34978. To Piedmont in late 1947. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 03-31-1962. This aircraft later with Cessnyca (Colombia) as HK-1351. Stored at Ryan Field, Tuscon, AZ.
N43V 42958 N/A N/A Kanawha River Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Colonial N37468. To Piedmont in late 1947. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 06-30-1962.
N44V 9914 N/A N/A Commonwealth Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Northeast N65282. Sold to the Spanish Air Force.
N45V 18984 N/A N/A Tidewater Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Northeast N65384, Crashed at Shelbyville, NC 06-13-1956 but repaired. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 02-22-1962.
N46V 19402 N/A N/A Ohio Valley Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Northeast N65390. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 06-30-1962 and later written off on 03-21-1972.
N47V 20471 N/A N/A Blue Grass Pacemaker
Comments: Acquired from Conklin and Smith as N79029. Sold to the Spanish Air Force.
N48V 13835 N/A N/A Piedmont Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Pan Am N88732. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 02-22-1962. Went on to French Aeronavale as F-YFGB.
N49V 20002 N/A N/A Tennessee Valley Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Conklin and Smith N50322. Sold to the Spanish Air Force. Later to Fairoaks Aviation in the U.K. as G-BGCG.
N50V 19288 N/A N/A Chesapeake Pacemaker
Comments: Ex DDA (SAS) OY-DDA. Delivered as N9984F and reregistered. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 01-31-1962.
N51V 19975 N/A N/A Yadkin Valley Pacemaker
Comments: Ex ABA (SAS) SE-BBH. Delivered as N9985F and reregistered. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft on 04-30-1962.
N52V 19649 N/A N/A Shenandoah Valley Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Narcel Service H4624V. Sold to Pinehurst Airlines.
N53V 12717 N/A N/A Hampton Roads Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Aeroviaz 'Q' S.A. via American Airmotive as N3579C. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 03-31-1962. Later to Ozark Airlines as N164J and sold to Fairchild-Hiller.
N54V 25443 N/A N/A Sand Hills Pacemaker
Comments: Ex US Coast Guard N1561N R4D-5. Sold to the Aviation Corporation.
N55V 20447 N/A N/A Buckeye Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Meteor Air Transport N53593. To Piedmont 12-1956. Crashed near Wayneboro, VA 10-30-1959.
N56V 4900 N/A N/A Potomac Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Western NC18600. To Piedmont 01-12-1956. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft in 1963 and stored derelict in Charlotte, NC. Later restored and placed in the Nature Science Center in Durham, NC in full Piedmont colors.
N57V 4225 N/A N/A Tarheel Pacemaker
Comments: Ex Pacific Southwest N95487. Sold to Charlotte Aircraft 04-30-1962. Later to the Spanish Air Force as T3-42, Fairoaks Aviation U.K. as G-BFXB and Lineas Aeras Oaxaquenas (Mexico) as XA-JIH.
N58V 9856 N/A N/A Peninsula Pacemaker
Comments: Leased from US Navy as N3947A but reregistered.
N59V 12336 N/A N/A James River Pacemaker
Comments: Leased from US Navy as N3946A but reregistered.
N60V 12555 N/A N/A Catawba Pacemaker
Comments: Leased from US Navy as N9519C but reregistered. Later parked at Litchfield Park, Phoenix, AZ.
N9184R 12027 N/A N/A
Comments: Leased from Delta Aircraft and Engineering after being with Air Canada (then Trans Canada).
NC8820 13041 N/A N/A
Comments: Used for training. Leased from Southern Airlines. is owned and operated by:
The Piedmont Aviation Historical Society
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